Never underestimate the value of a well made cup of tea! (for some they may substitute tea with coffee) Something seemingly so simple as a cup of tea can have such an impact on how the rest of the day unfolds. I’m sure your tastes are a bit different to mine but hopefully you can agree with the concept.

“If asked, How do you take your tea? I reply, Very seriously”
image credit: Twisted Doodles

Once one has had a decent cup or two, one is ready to take on the world! (or at least tackle the washing basket!) It is interesting that something most of us take for granted can bring such joy and harmony. It can also comfort the bereaved, tame the board room and inspire the creative.

I would be curious to know how many litres of tea is drunk around the world. Plenty I would think, especially when you include all the different types – English Breakfast, Earl Grey, Ceylon, Green Tea with or with out extra flavourings, white tea, Jasmine or Camomile and other herbal teas – just to name a few.

Then there would be a debate about loose leaf tea versus tea bags, water temperature, sugar or sweetener, milk (of any sort) or no milk….the list goes on.

One thing I hope we could all agree on though is that there isn’t anything better than a well made cup of tea. One you are able to drink in peace or with friends and family, one you are able to flavour or sweeten to your own liking and most importantly, one you can finish!!!

So without further ado, I’m off to make myself a brew!

(PS: Green tea with hot water, lemon essential oil and a dash of honey!)

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