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Made in May!

Made in May is a chance for many to help raise awareness and money for SMA Australia by making and selling handmade items. “Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA) is a degenerative motor neuron disease. SMA affects infants, children and adults worldwide. It is suggested that incidence of SMA occurs one in 10,000 births[1]. It is a complex disease affecting individuals across the lifespan for which to date, there is no known cure.” For a more in depth explanation please go to 

I have decided to participate in Made in May as I personally know a young girl with SMA. As the info will tell you, their intellect is not affected. This young girl while quiet, is also very observant and won’t hesitate to tell on her younger brother! She is able to attend school and participate in some activities, but as her body doesn’t move and function quite the same as the other children she needs more supervision and help. She can be as stubborn as any other child and will make her feelings and thoughts known if she is asked to do (or eat) something she doesn’t want to do! I look forward to seeing her grow up and hearing of her achievements.

I hope that by supporting SMA Australia this May I can help raise awareness.  I have also created a special product that will only be available during May. The full proceeds of this product will be donated direct to SMA Austraila. I will also be donating a portion of all my other sales made during May. I hope the money will help support families affected by SMA and for research into the treatment of the disease.

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